The Fluenta product family

Our core expertise is flare gas measurement – both hot and cold flaring (venting) – using ultrasonic technology, by far the most accurate means to measure flow. The Fluenta product portfolio includes flare gas meters and a range of transducers for almost any measurement scenario.

From installation to active deployment, our highly trained staff provides support – on site and remotely – whenever required, ensuring all our flare gas meters provide a lifetime of accurate flow measurement and management.

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Flare gas measurement

Our technology is backed by more than 30 years’ investment in research and development alongside vast expertise of implementation in highly complex environments.

The brand NEW 160 flare gas meter features enhanced transducers with benefits including:

  • Extended low and high temperature range coverage (-220ºC to 250ºC)
  • Better signal strength to deliver accurate measurements in bigger pipe diameters and where high levels of CO2 or hydrogen are present
  • Retrofit capabilities to existing flare gas meters for a smooth and fast upgrade to your existing installation
Fluenta 160 Flare Gas Meter

The video below is an introduction to one of our accurate and reliable products: the Fluenta Ultrasonic Flare Gas Meter 160 Flare Gas Meter

Key applications

Fluenta’s products are robust, reliable and accurate. The Fluenta flare gas meter product range supports customers with:

  • Measurement of flare gas
  • Monitoring flow of gas
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance
Key industries

Our unique ultrasonic measurement transducers support industries operating in the most extreme and hostile environments on Earth, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Chemical

Click for current and historical Fluenta flare gas measurement product information, data sheets and more:

Why Ultrasound?

There are many different technologies to measure flow, including differential pressure (DP), thermal mass measurement, photo/optical and ultrasonic. However in environments where accurate measurement and monitoring of flow is critical to operational efficiencies or environmental concerns, only ultrasound technology is fit for purpose.

Less well-known is ultrasound’s capability to detect objects and measure distances with an extremely high level of accuracy. In the case of liquids or gases, ultrasound technology delivers an extremely accurate measurement of volume travelling through pipes, without impacting on the integrity of the vessel or movement of the liquid or gas.

Ultrasound uses sound waves (inaudible to humans) to measure distance. In the case of a flowmeter, ultrasound waves are beamed across a flow of liquid and gas and the speed at which they bounce back will determine the volume and flow passing through a pipe or indeed the composition of the flow itself.

Ultrasound technology is used around the world for detection and measurement. The medical profession has trusted ultrasound technology for decades to deliver accurate and effective diagnosis of a wide range of human conditions.

Why Fluenta?
  • High levels of accuracy: Uniquely Fluenta uses multiple ultrasound frequencies on one single pair of probes, delivering extremely high levels of accuracy.
  • Reliability: one of the biggest challenges for flow measurement is reliability when the pipe is at extremely high or low pressure. Fluenta’s patented technology ensures that effective measurement is still possible in these environments.
  • Trusted: Fluenta’s products have been deployed more than 1500 times and are trusted by some of the largest names in the oil and gas industry.
  • Flexible: Fluenta’s non-intrusive sensors can be deployed on all pipe diameters. Additionally, the sensors do not obstruct flow. Highly accurate sensors are therefore not exposed to flow particles , moisture, dirt or corrosive gases, delivering a longer lifecycle.
  • Ease of installation and use: Fluenta deploys custom designed jigs for fast and economical product mountings. Fluenta’s product only needs around half the footprint of straight pipe in comparison to its competitors, making it ideal for complex deployments.