Health, Safety and Environmental

The oil & gas industry is a highly regulated environment, with a relentless focus on working safely in everything we do. Fluenta puts safety at the heart of our business. Our team is trained to the highest global standards, and the standard of our work has been recognised by customers around the world – from small operators to the largest supermajors.

Fluenta recognises its responsibility to provide safe working conditions at the company’s facilities and at customer and vendor premises where Fluenta personnel are engaged.

It is a primary aim for Fluenta to avoid injuries, incidents and accidents of any kind, to promote a positive working environment for all its employees, and to conduct its business without putting the health of personnel at risk. We are very proud that in the past 5 years, we have not lost a single working hour to an accident.

To achieve this, our personnel themselves accept the responsibility to protect themselves, their colleagues and the working environment. The Fluenta management team carries our regular reviews of our HSE policies and procedures, and always seek to learn and improve the way we work.

Fluenta engineers installing a meter offshore