Fluenta is fully committed to excellence in our technology, products and services. Our commitment to quality is about more than achieving certain certifications: it is also about a process of continual improvement, both in terms of the products that we bring to market and the service that we deliver to our customers and partners around the world.

Working in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, our commitment is to ensure that our products deliver accurate measurement in highly challenging environments. Our products are intrinsically safe, with no moving parts, and can be deployed in high risk environments such as chemical, gas and oil extracting and processing facilities.

Fluenta has implemented and maintains an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. In addition we hold a number of company-wide and product specific quality standard certificates. Please find our product certificates and further product documentation on our Product Information page under Downloads.

Customers and partners can be assured Fluenta complies with local, national and international regulation around the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of its products, including safety standards such as ATEX, IECEx, CSA, Inmetro or EAC Ex approval. In parts of the world where little or no regulation exists, Fluenta continues to operate at the levels it would where the most stringent regulation is in place.

Fluenta engineers ensuring product quality