Anadarko-(4)300wOur customers rely on Fluenta flare gas meters to be robust, reliable and accurate and we recommend our monitors are serviced every calendar year to ensure premium performance.

Regular maintenance of our flare gas meters means Fluenta customers can expect our product to deliver reliable and effective measurement for many years.
Fluenta prides itself on providing a high level of customer service – evidenced by our consistent high scores for customer satisfaction. This is true not only for product satisfaction but also for after sales, where we consistently receive positive feedback from more than 90% of customers.

We measure our customer service satisfaction across key criteria such as quality, professionalism, documentation, performance, relationships and overall performance. Our scores remain high across all criteria for both co-ordination and execution of service and maintenance.

Fluenta’s reputation for delivering outstanding customer service promptly is renowned in the industry. Whilst many companies apply a ‘fit and forget’ approach to flare gas measurement, Fluenta is a trusted partner that continues to deliver over the life cycle of the product.

Planned Maintenance

Shell-Albian-Sands300wFluenta flare gas meters are some of the most reliable measurement products in the world. Every effort is made by Fluenta to reduce the number of moving parts, to ensure products are robust and thereby protect our customers from the rare occurrence of product failure. This is particularly important because of the extreme and hostile environments in which Fluenta flare gas meters operate.

Product maintenance is extremely important. Fluenta recommends that flare gas meters are serviced at least once per calendar year to ensure that they remain in peak working condition. Fluenta can arrange for a full product service and maintenance visit to ensure that your product is working effectively.

A poorly maintained flare gas meter will lose accuracy over time, which can place a company in the position of mis-reporting important environmental statistics. This can lead to significant fines, penalties and even imprisonment in many parts of the world. If a flare gas monitor fails to function it can often be some time before a repair can be implemented. Spare parts must be ordered, service engineer time booked, safety permits granted, and if a plant shut-down is required co-ordination can be time consuming, difficult and expensive. For these reasons Fluenta recommends regular maintenance of its products.

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Fluenta’s products need to be both highly accurate and durable enough to operate in some of the most challenging environments on earth – often remote areas where hydrocarbons are sourced. Our products are designed and manufactured to be extremely robust and reliable.

To secure the reliability and safety of Fluenta’s products, it is essential to ensure that they are serviced at the correct intervals.

Our support team is here to help our customers get the most from Fluenta’s products. Whether you need a service call, wish to discuss spare parts or seek general advice, please complete the form on this page and we will respond within one working day.