Case Study: Petronas Upgrades to Fluenta Flare Gas Meter

Resak Platform using Fluenta flare gas meters
Resak platform – image source Petronas

In 2020, Petronas, the Malaysian government-owned oil and gas company, put into motion their aspiration to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

To achieve their target, Petronas identified a need to reduce and ultimately eliminate their routine flaring. However, to reduce the flare gas volumes, Petronas needed accurate and reliable measurement – something that wasn’t attainable using their existing flare gas meters. 

Petronas devised an upgrade project for their Resak offshore facility and commissioned Fluenta, through our partners Krohne, to replace their old flare gas meters on their Resak platform, making it Malaysia’s first remotely controlled platform.

The Challenge: Measurement Issues

Petronas was facing measurement issues typically found on sites using the old flare gas meters.

The meters have been performing poorly presenting measurement errors such as spiking/paintbrushing of the flow reading, meter going backwards, and general poor measurement due to inability to cope with process conditions.

The poor-quality data and lack of support inevitably prevented Petronas’s operators from having the clarity they required to understand and reduce their flare gas volumes in line with their net-zero emissions goals.

To avoid further financial implications, and to ensure accurate and reliable flare gas measurement, Petronas decided to upgrade their meters to Fluenta.

The Solution: Seamless Upgrade to Fluenta Flare Gas Meter FGM 160

Fluenta has a strong track record of successfully replacing old and malfunctioning meters for major plants and refineries across the globe. Our market-leading transducers, assortment of connections and configurations guarantees seamless and low-cost upgrade and install, saving money and providing accurate flaring figures.

For Petronas, we used 2’’ connections to install our TFS transducers and FGM 160 meters into their existing pipe system without the need for new spool pieces or other mechanical work. These connections, which also come in 3’’ size, mean upgrading to a Fluenta system is easy and economical.

In this case, the configuration for both meters was single path, in a lateral-45 arrangement. For existing installations that use a Bias-90 configuration, we offer our full market-leading FlarePhase range, and TFS-55 transducers in this format so upgrading is as simple as installing our system into your current pipe network.

The Result: Accurate and Reliable Measurement

Since upgrading, the Petronas team haven’t faced any further measurement issues, and the Fluenta flare gas meters are running reliably, producing accurate measurement data.

With Fluenta’s support team and service engineers based in Malaysia on hand, we can offer localised, expert support should it be required.

“Fluenta offered great services & commitments for the Resak platform flare meter project. Their engineers were knowledgeable and showed high competency in installing and commissioning the Fluenta meters.

Fluenta flare metres are now successfully commissioned and performing well, I believe Petronas has a headache-free flare measurement in terms of performance and accuracy in line with their ongoing efforts to reduce emissions.” Subbarayan Venukumaran, KROHNE

Upgrade your Meter

Are you facing flare gas measurement issues and considering an upgrade? Find out how we can help by checking our upgrade brochure or get in touch with your nearest Fluenta team.

September 23, 2021 | News

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