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White Papers and Articles

Our whitepapers and magazine articles provide valuable industry insight and offer solutions to the multifaceted challenges posed by technological advance, regulatory development, and increasing cost pressure.

The IoT transformation of Oil and Gas

How can businesses use remote measurement technology to improve  strategic decision making and effective risk control?
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The ultimate icebreaker

Challenges incl. ice build-up on the transducers required a custom solution for this multinational energy corporation.
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An IoT framework for gas measurement

How can operators use IoT and enabled devices to optimise business processes, achieve savings, and reduce emissions?
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Zero Routine Flaring – now is the time to act

How technological advances could successfully incentivise operators to limit flaring and gain a competitive advantage.
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When taking a chance pays off

A multinational chemicals company required a reliable low-maintenance technology to replace their existing solution.
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VSL Testing – Improved accuracy

Extensive testing at VSL demonstrated that the Fluenta 160 flare gas meter achieves 1.5 % accuracy even in low flow.
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Are you paying too much for your gas flaring?

How can these operators who purge with Nitrogen make sure they don’t pay tax on the entire flow volume emitted?
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The role of the cloud in reducing global emissions

Emission targets are tightening worldwide. Cloud technology enables operators to reduce emissions and increase profit.
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The IotT transformation of gas flaring operations

The IoT is increasing the capability of businesses to monitor and measure an almost unlimited number of objects.
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Condition based maintenance in high risk industries

Maximising safety is a main concern in high-risk industries. How can connected infrastructure lower the risk?
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CEESI Testing – When accuracy matters

Fluenta meters perform with an uncertainty of less than 3% without prior calibration and even at low flow velocity.
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The digital transformation of LNG

Operators in LNG can harness advances in connected technology to drive new revenues while reducing emissions.
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Following the Volkswagen emissions scandal, can industrial data be trusted?

What can the Oil and Gas industry learn from the emissions scandal?
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Digital technology in the Oil and Gas industry

How are operators utilising digital technologies and how will these technologies shape the industry in the future?
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Measuring flaring and venting of natural gas in Oil and Gas environments

What measures can operators take to manage gas flaring in the light of climate change as well as health and safety?
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Condition based maintenance in flare stack applications

What are the primary maintenance systems for flare stack applications and their effectiveness in delivering savings?
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Flow technologies for measuring flare stack emissions

How do the most popular solutions compare in terms of reliability, accuracy and total cost of ownership?
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The impact of COP21 on the Oil and Gas Industry

How can operators achieve the increasingly low emission targets set by regulators whilst maintaining a healthy ROI?
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How IoT cloud-based data is changing the Oil and Gas Industry

Deploying IoT will be crucial for the O&G Industry over the coming decades, particularly regarding flaring and venting.
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COP21 – A turning point for the Oil and Gas Industry

As efforts to reduce emissions are gaining momentum, the O&G industry has to move quickly towards reducing emissions.
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How big
are your flares?

What are the key considerations to ensure that emission monitoring and measuring is accurate, effective and meaningful?
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The role
of the cloud

With the growth of the IoT, the cloud will play a critical role in the collection, management and distribution of data.
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Time to review your measurements?

How cloud-based data can enable organisations to control risk more effectively.
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