Flexible Improvement System

Fluenta’s Flexible Improvement System (FIS) is an internal process empowering employees to raise quality, HSE concerns, or innovative ideas. By streamlining the submission process, it ensures swift and effective resolution. All submissions undergo a thorough review by a dedicated committee, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

FIS Submissions Guidelines

Relevance: Submissions should directly relate to quality, health, safety, or innovative ideas.

Clarity and Completeness: Employees should provide clear and comprehensive details about the issue, idea, or improvement, including relevant supporting information or evidence.

Impact Assessment: Submitters should outline the potential impact of their submission, highlighting the benefits or risks associated with the proposed solution or idea.

Feasibility: Submissions should demonstrate practicality and feasibility in terms of implementation within the organisation’s resources, considering factors like time, cost, and available expertise.

Solution Orientation: Suggestions or concerns should be accompanied by proposed solutions or mitigation strategies, encouraging a proactive and constructive approach to problem-solving.

Non-Duplication: Employees should ensure that their submissions do not replicate or overlap with existing ideas or ongoing initiatives, encouraging originality and avoiding redundancy.

FIS Submission Form

What Happens Next?

Once your FIS case is submitted, it will be automatically routed to the designated person or committee responsible for review and evaluation.

The committee assesses the submission, considering its relevance, feasibility, and potential impact.

Based on the committee’s evaluation, further actions are determined, which may include further investigation, implementation of proposed solutions, or providing feedback and acknowledgement to the submitter.

We intend to keep regular communication to keep you informed about the progress and outcome of your submission.