Fluenta flare gas meter accuracy proved by CEESI

Fluenta, the global leader in ultrasonic flare metering for the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industries, today announces that the Colorado Engineering Experiment Station (CEESI) has proved Fluenta meters perform with an uncertainty of less than three per cent without prior calibration.

Fluenta tested its 160 Flare Gas Meter at the renowned CEESI testing facility in Colorado.  The results show that taken “straight out of the box” – without any initial calibration – the Fluenta 160 flare gas meter performs with an uncertainty of less than three per cent, even at low flow velocity.

When Fluenta products are installed and calibrated by its specialist engineers, uncertainties of between one and two per cent can be achieved.

CEESI offers a custom piping set-up, which enables Fluenta to test its meters on a 30-inch spool piece and at low flow conditions, from 1 to 20 meters per second.  Data from the reference meter and the Fluenta meter was fed to the CEESI data acquisition centre for a period of 30 seconds to calculate the average value, including error for that period to reflect stable flow conditions.

Fluenta conducted CEESI testing on behalf of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) to assure the company of the accuracy of Fluenta flare gas meters before it committed to a large-scale purchase.  After successful CEESI certification, Fluenta’s specialist engineers carried out a successful factory acceptance test (FAT) to ensure the meters were ready to be installed and tested on site by KOC.

Sigurd Aase, CEO of Fluenta, comments: “Low velocity accuracy is typically challenging in flow measurement and the CEESI findings are confirmed by multiple results from just one test session – a rare occurrence at any test site.”

Aase continues: “This confirms Fluenta ultrasonic meters are the most accurate and reliable products available, and the results show that when properly calibrated, even higher accuracies can be achieved.”

Read the full CEESI whitepaper here

September 26, 2016 | News, Press releases

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