Fluenta launches new FGM 160 Dual-Path flare gas meter

Fluenta, a global leader in ultrasonic flare gas measurement and management technology for the Oil & Gas, petrochemical and LNG industries, today announces the launch of its new FGM 160 Dual-Path flare gas metering system.

The FGM 160 Dual-Path, which has been deployed successfully in several installations, offers all the advantages of the FGM 160 system Fluenta customers know and trust, with the added benefit of two pairs of ultrasonic transducers. This technology measures the flow profile across two chords, compensating for fluctuations, offering increased accuracy of up to ±0.75%.

For installations where redundancy is the primary focus, the system can be configured to offer single-path levels of accuracy, as low as ±1%, in the rare circumstance a pair of transducers fails.

Operators can easily upgrade to Fluenta’s FGM 160 Dual-Path system without the need for a major plant shutdown. The system is compact, meaning positioning and installation is easy and flexible.

Like all Fluenta’s measurement systems, the Dual-Path uses ultrasonic, non-intrusive transducers. Ultrasonic technology is regarded as the best for measuring flare gas to the stringent accuracies required by regulators. As the transducers are non-intrusive, they do not interrupt gas flow, reducing the potential for build-up, limiting damage and maintenance.

“The new FGM 160 Dual-Path system is an excellent addition to the Fluenta product range and has already gained a lot of interest among operators, offering them the reassurance of extremely reliable and accurate flare gas measurement”, comments Julian Dudley-Smith, Director of Fluenta.

Stuart Tyres, Group CTO adds, “This system utilises our market leading measurement technology in a way that offers even higher accuracy and redundancy to ensure operators don’t need to worry about keeping up with increasingly stringent regulations.”

Learn more by visiting the Fluenta FGM 160 Dual-Path system page, here.

September 17, 2020 | News, Press releases

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