Fluenta launches UFM Manager software for on-site management of FGM 160 Flare Gas monitor

Fluenta is committed to providing customers with the most robust, reliable and accurate flare gas meters on the market. We have launched our UFM Manager software to enable field engineers to carry out regular maintenance activities such as yearly calibrations of the FGM 160 and removal and inspection of the transducers. From firmware updates to calculation checks, the UFM Manager Software ensures the FGM 160 continues to perform reliably and provide accurate flare gas measurement for years to come.

• Enables seamless installation, configuration and maintenance of Fluenta FGM 160
• Defined user access levels for security of critical equipment

Providing customers with an accessible software program that manages meters on-site, the new Fluenta UFM Manager software delivers a predefined list of features at two customer access levels – enabling installation, configuration and maintenance of the Fluenta FGM 160.

The Fluenta UFM Manager Software has two customer access levels:
• Basic Access – enables live data previews from Fluenta flow meters and grants access to installation information, including the flow computer serial number and the flow meter’s tag number
• Operator Access – provides access to all the UFM software features needed for the program’s day-to-day maintenance and to generate signal quality graphs

The program’s intuitive user interface is designed to only show features when the user logs in with suitable verification or credentials.

Sigurd Aase, CEO of Fluenta, comments: “Traditional industries such as oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals are now realising the benefit of automating measurement and management processes. We have invested heavily in technology to provide our customers with an accessible and user-friendly software program to manage our meters on-site.”

“Fluenta’s new UFM Manager Software will improve the configuration, maintenance and installation of the Fluenta FGM 160 for current and future customers. By separating tasks into access levels, our customers can quickly set up and manage meters on site and gain access to granular flow and installation information, enabling more effective management and reporting of gas flaring.”


Founded in 1985 Fluenta is the global leader in flow sensing, measurement and management using ultrasonic technology. The company serves the chemicals, petrochemicals and oil & gas markets, where it is the leader in European off shore flare gas monitoring. Fluenta originates from Norway and has offices around the world, including the UK, Poland, Norway and the USA.

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March 13, 2018 | News

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