Fluenta now selling direct to the UK market

Fluenta announces direct sales, service, and support operation for its UK flare gas meter business

Fluenta, a global leader in ultrasonic technology for Flare Gas measurement and management, today announces the opening of a direct sales channel for the UK. The opening of a direct sales channel is due to significant growth in the Fluenta business and team, who are now in a position to fully support this market.

With UK flare regulation becoming increasingly strict, operators are legally obliged to accurately measure, record, and report flare gas emissions. The Fluenta FGM 160 meter exceeds all national and international standards for flare measurement. The meter employs ultrasonic technology to measure flare gas flow and utilises a family of transducers that cover a wide range of gas temperatures and compositions. Fluenta’s non-intrusive approach does not interrupt gas flow and can be used across a wide range of pipe diameters, enabling owners and operators to accurately report their emissions.

Fluenta customers in the UK benefit from not only a direct relationship with Fluenta’s local sales and support team based at our brand-new premises near Cambridge, and direct access to Fluenta’s global installation and support team.

September 1, 2019 | News, Press releases

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