Fluenta Supports Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme

On February 17th, we were invited to attend the Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialisation Programme’s (NGFCP) Bidder’s Conference in Lagos, Nigeria, as a supplier of flare gas meters that surpass the strict required accuracies of the programme.


The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) created the NGFCP in December 2016 in an effort to curb flaring by 2020. To learn more about the commercialisation programme, click here to read our previous Nigerian gas flare regulations blog, which looks into the scheme in detail.

Nigeria is currently #9 in global gas reserves, producing 8bscf per day. However,  currently 11% of this is flared. With this scheme, Nigeria are hoping to generate an estimated £3.5 billion of inward investment annually.

The programme has now started its bidding process. During this process, approved third-party investors from all over the world bid on the recovered flare gas for use as fuel or feedstock. In order to become approved, applicants have to submit a detailed proposal outlining how they will use the recovered flare gas.

Gas Flaring Sites

Earlier this month the DPR announced that the government had identified 45 gas flaring sites. Sarki Auwalu, Director of the DPR states “there are 200 bidders that have been shortlisted…these bidders are competing for about 45 flare sites for now, and there are other flare sites which are coming on board.”

Fluenta’s Support
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It was a pleasure for us to be invited to the Bidder’s Conference, a reflection of our existing presence in the country, and our ability to surpass the strict accuracies stipulated in the programme.

With the help of our local partner, Daptem Automation, located in Lagos and Port Harcourt, we currently have over 40 flare gas meters across 18 sites in Nigeria. These includes sites owned by leading oil and gas companies.

Due to the increased accuracy requirements, new and existing sites will need to ensure they meet these flare gas metering regulations.

The Commercialisation Programme calls for flare gas to be metered with 3% accuracy.  Fluenta’s FGM 160 ultrasonic flare meter is available with a range of accuracies as low as ±1% , depending on customer requirements.

To find out more about Fluenta’s product, and how they can can help you achieve better accuracy and meet the most stringent regulations, click here.

March 4, 2020 | News

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