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We’re fluent in flare gas measurement across the widest range of temperatures.

Our new FlarePhase™ transducer range sets the standard for flare gas measurement with advanced extreme temperature handling capabilities +350°C to -200°C, the widest range on the market.

Fluenta FlarePhase™ 350

  • Uniquely designed for the most challenging applications
  • For extreme temperature environments
  • For very low gas densities

Fluenta FlarePhase™ 250

  • Ideal for the petrochemical and refining industries
  • For high temperatures
  • Optimised for high levels of hydrogen and CO2

Fluenta FlarePhase™ Cyro

  • Ideal for the LNG and gas liquefaction industries
  • For very low temperatures
  • For difficult gas conditions including high methane

Flare measurement is good for you and the environment

Operators are under increased pressure from regulators and their stakeholders to reduce and ultimately eliminate routine flaring to achieve net-zero emissions.

Rising to meet such demands rests on accurate and dependable measurement.

If it can be measured, then it can be changed

Initiatives and calls to limit flaring not only benefit the environment but also energy companies, oil extraction wells, refineries, chemical plants, coal mines and landfills, too. Some of the ways flare measurement helps:

Reduce costs and create revenue

Associated gas that would usually be flared can be monetised by turning it into a sellable product such as LNG, or even capturing it and using it as feedstock for petrochemical plants.

Positive perceptions

There is increasing pressure on the industry to take the necessary steps to reduce emissions. Endorsing or having your flare gas reduction policy communicates that you are actively working towards global net-zero targets.

Lead the way

Be an innovator within the industry and lead the way in environmental and flare gas policy.