FGM 160 Dual-Path

The new FGM 160 Dual-Path flare gas metering system offers all the advantages of the FGM 160 meter our customers know and trust, with the added benefit of dual-path measurement. This gives higher levels of accuracy and full redundancy to your flare measurement.

Dual-Path for Higher Accuracy

Dual-path ultrasonic metering allows the flow profile of flare gas to be measured across two chords simultaneously. This extra measurement channel can help to compensate for fluctuations in the flow profile which occur during normal operations, and results in accuracy levels of ±0.75%, as confirmed by independent testing performed at VSL.

Dual-Path for Redundancy

The probability of a Fluenta ultrasonic transducer failing is exceedingly remote, but for operators who need to go above and beyond, the FGM 160 Dual-Path will still report flow even when one pair of transducers is inoperable. Where redundancy is the primary focus, the system can be configured to offer single-path levels of accuracy even when a pair of transducers fails.

Installation options

Fluenta offers a wide range of installation options for dual-path measurement.
Dual-path setup in a parallel configuration with two chords at different levels to increase accuracy.
Dual-path setup in an offset cross configuration with two chords at different levels to increase accuracy.
Dual-path in a “plus” shape, with both chords passing through the centre of the pipe. This configuration can offer single-path levels of accuracy (up to ±1%) even in the case of a transducer failure.

The FGM 160 Dual-Path system

Key applications

Fluenta’s products are robust, reliable and accurate. The Fluenta flare gas meter product range supports customers with:
  • Measurement of flare gas
  • Monitoring flow of gas
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance

Key industries

Our ultrasonic measurement transducers support industries operating in the most extreme and hostile environments on Earth, including:

Accuracy and Flexibility

Fluenta’s dual-path installations are available with a range of accuracies as low as ±0.75%, depending on customer requirements.

With a turndown ratio of 4000:1 and range of pipe diameters from 12 inch to 90 inch, the Fluenta ultrasonic flare gas solution covers a wide range of applications.

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