Cut your costs and save time with our upgraded servicing agreements, including the all-new Fluenta FlareCalself-calibration solution, offering you rigorous verification for all TFS configurations, without the need for a Fluenta certified engineer to be on-site.

Why is meter verification important for your bottom line?

No matter what your verification requirements look like, we recommend at least an annual verification for full compliance with both local regulations such as the API 14.10 Section 8.1, federal regulations from EPA 40 CFR-Part-60., as well as the global IECEx explosion proofing standards.

Parameters such as gas composition, temperature, and pressure are constantly changing in flare lines and fouling deposits including wax, tar, carbon, and sand can also be present on the transducers.

All these factors can lead a flow meter to misreport flow, with clear direct financial consequences, as well as the potential for enforcement action from regulatory bodies.

Regular meter verification can help mitigate these issues, reducing the risk of misreported measurements.

Your new ultrasonic flare gas meter verification box

Reduce risks with zero-point calibration

As the components inside ultrasonic flare gas meters age, the continuous ultrasonic wave offset can shift, causing an increase in system uncertainty.

Zero-point calibration is the only way to correct these offsets and ensure your meter measures as well as it did when it left the factory.

The new Fluenta FlareCal™ allows you to re-calibrate your flare meter as needed, without requiring a certified engineer to be present – so you can reduce risks, costs, and maintain top compliance.

Fluenta FlareCal™
Lateral-45 Configuration

Fluenta FlareCal™
Bias-90 Configuration

Autonomous and assisted meter verification options

You can choose from a range of annual meter verification options to suit your requirements:

  • Operator managed calibrations with our new Fluenta FlareCal™ box
  • Zero-point calibrations performed on-site by a Fluenta engineer
  • Intermediate and advanced service plans, our health check procedure can be used at alternate intervals

Easy and guided meter verification

Self-managed verification is available through Fluenta’s UFM Manager for FlareCal software.

Our intuitive walkthrough ensures you never miss a step in the verification process and includes a thorough pre-verification visualisation checklist for risk management around the IECEx explosion-proofing standards.

Download the UFM Manager for FlareCal using the form across, then contact us at to request your FlareCal-enabled license. 

Download the UFM Manager for FlareCal

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