Fluenta FlarePhase™ Transducers

We’re Fluent In Challenging Applications

Our pioneering achievements mean you can now measure flare gas accurately and reliably in extreme conditions with Fluenta’s FlarePhase™ transducer range.

Fluenta Flarephase™ 350: Uniquely designed for the most challenging applications

Fluenta Flarephase™ 250: For high temperatures and difficult gasses, often found in the refining and petrochemical industries

Fluenta Flarephase™ Cryo: Ideal for the LNG industry, providing accurate measurement at very low temperatures and with difficult gasses

Temperature and Gas Extremes

Advanced Temperature Capabilities
The Fluenta FlarePhase™ transducer range offers the highest temperature capabilities on the market, offering measurement up to 350°C and down to -200°C.

Challenging Gas Compositions? No Problem
The Fluenta FlarePhase™ transducers can accurately measure in high levels of H2, CO2, or CH4 typically across the full pipe diameter. This makes them ideal for the LNG, refinery and petrochemical sectors, providing accurate and stable measurement, even with prolonged exposure to challenging environments.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Temperature Extremes
    The Fluenta FlarePhase™ range can help you accurately measure your flare gas, regardless of temperature, with three options available:
    Very high temp: +350°C (+662°F)
    High temp: +250°C (+482°F)
    Low temp: -200°C (-328°F)
  • Difficult Gas Compositions
    The Fluenta FlarePhase™ transducers can accurately measure in high levels of H2, CO2, CH4, or a combination of the three, across the full pipe diameter.
  • Large Pipe Diameters
    6” to 100” as standard, other pipe sizes application dependent. Solutions may be possible outside of this range.
  • Accuracies Beyond Regulations
    Fluenta installations are available with a range of accuracies better than ±0.75% , depending on customer requirements.

Ultrasonic Technology

As with Fluenta’s TFS transducers, the Fluenta FlarePhase™ transducers use ultrasonic signals. This is by far the best technology for flare gas applications and allows for measurement over a wide range of flows with turndown ratios of 4000:1.

Fluenta transducers are non-intrusive as standard, meaning they are less prone to the build-up of dirt and corrosion which can impact the measurement accuracy, and do not affect gas flow. In the cases where intrusive measurement is beneficial, Fluenta offer a range of transducer coatings to increase protection.

Narrowband sensing and ‘Active Phase Analysis’ technology

Unlike Fluenta’s TFS range of transducers, Fluenta’s FlarePhase™ transducers use narrowband transmit and sensing to ensure flare gas flow measurement is possible in difficult installations. Typically, narrowband technology comes with phase shift difficulties, however Fluenta’s advanced technology removes this industry-wide issue.

‘Active Phase Analysis’ Technology
Phase shifts result in measurement inaccuracies, and therefore much be compensated for. Typical industry solutions are all inferential, therefore resulting in unavoidable measurement errors.

Fluenta’s FlarePhase™ transducers use novel ‘active phase analysis technology’ to combat this inherent transducer phase shift issue. ‘Active phase analysis technology’ accurately determines phase shifts, providing a definite figure to calculate the necessary compensation. This allows for laboratory levels of accuracy in the field, even in the most challenging gas and temperature conditions.

Phase Shifts

Phase shifts are the difference between an electrical stimulus and a mechanical response, as illustrated in the below image.
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