The Draken expedition: From Norway to America in a Viking ship

On April 24th the Draken Harald Hårfagre, the world’s largest Viking ship built in modern times, left her home port of Haugesund, Norway to sail to America on a challenging voyage across the North Atlantic. The expedition aims to explore and relive a mythological sea voyage – the first transatlantic crossing and Viking discovery of the New World.

As a member of the Vista Holding Group, Fluenta is part of a business community that celebrates innovation in a number of industries.  Draken Harald Hårfagre is part of this group, and the Draken expedition is a unique demonstration of its entrepreneurial spirit.

Exploration, innovation and reinvention are themes Fluenta values at every stage of product development.  When a Viking ship first journeyed from Norway to America more than a thousand years ago, Vikings displayed technology that was far beyond its time. Fluenta strives to replicate the Viking spirit of innovation by using the latest ultrasonic technology and extending monitoring and measurement capabilities to the chemicals, security and medical markets.

Sailing through Iceland, Greenland and Canada before reaching the US, a crew of volunteers will contend with unpredictable weather conditions on the Draken’s maiden voyage.  The 32 male and female volunteers, hailing from countries around the world, are under the experienced command of Captain Björn Ahlander.

The captain warned; “It´s hard to say which stretch will be the toughest before we´ve set sail, but the area that should be respected more than anywhere else, is the waters of Cape Farewell by the coast of Greenland – among the most dangerous waters of the world.”

The hand-picked crew aim to embrace the Viking spirit of adventure, while learning and rediscovering old techniques and inventing new ways to revitalise the ideas behind Viking travel.  Crew member Arild Nilsen said; “This is a fantastic opportunity to create history by reliving the challenges faced by our Viking ancestors, and an adventure you wouldn’t miss”.

Despite the traditional vessel, the Draken expedition will deliver a ‘modern take on Vikings’ and recreate the first journey from Norway to America.  The Draken is expected to reach New York on September 15th after an incredible five month journey.  After following the voyage all the way, Fluenta will be waiting for the ship to sail across the finish line.


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May 13, 2016 | News

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