Tom Pugliese talks gas flaring at the Process Solutions Summit

Eastern Controls’ Process Solutions Summit brings together oil and gas industry leaders alongside 300 businesses from across the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Tom Pugliese, Fluenta’s Area Sales Manager will represent us at the summit and will host a talk detailing the environmental requirements for flare gas measurement and how the right technology can help solve the intrinsic flare gas puzzle.

The flare gas puzzle

Flaring is an essential element of oil and gas processes. When producing oil and gas, excess natural gas is flared to prevent sudden increases in pressure and ensure safe plant start-ups and shut-downs. Without flaring, there is a risk of equipment malfunction and even explosions.

However, flaring can also occur when there is no adequate infrastructure in place to transport natural gas. Without access to pipelines or other transportation methods like Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tankers, operators are forced to flare gas. This process results in unnecessary routine flaring and a loss of potential energy.

Flaring needs to be measured to comply with safety regulations and environmental requirements such as government emissions standards. Operators may be unaware of their levels of routine flaring if they cannot measure the volume of gas being flared.

Ultrasonic measurement

Flare gas meters can be intrusive (sticking into the pipe) or not intrusive. Intrusive equipment is at risk of being damaged, is difficult to repair and requires complicated maintenance. Flaring is also often performed in environments with high temperatures – such as hot gases – and involves a variety of compounds and gas compositions. These are challenging for traditional measurement devices.

More and more operators are using ultrasonic measurement technology for fast, reliable flare gas measurement. By measuring gas flow from the exterior of the pipe, ultrasonic technology is not affected by gas composition and can handle pressure and temperature fluctuations.

The summit experience

To find out more about deploying ultrasonic flare gas measurement to manage process upsets and prevent disruption, see Tom Pugliese’s talk on May 22 at the Process Solutions Summit.

Tom will break down Fluenta’s history in flare measurement innovation and discuss the FGM 160 Flare Gas Meter, which uses ultrasonic measurement and patented technologies to enable accurate measurement at high and low temperatures. He will also help attendees understand how to apply the correct technology for the flare measurement requirements.

For more on the Process Solutions Summit, click here.

May 7, 2019 | News

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