Why Fluenta moved to Cambridge

Recently our company re-located its headquarters from Haugesund in Norway to Cambridge in the UK.  This is a serious move for our business and requires the relocation of many senior personnel and their families.

So why would a proud Norwegian company move to the UK?  It is certainly not an attempt to hide our heritage and traditions.  Our headquarters has served us well for more than 20 years and has been an ideal platform to grow our oil and gas business.

To date our business has all been in the oil and gas market.  But this will change significantly in the coming months and years.  Having built a reputation as a leading provider of flare gas measurement, we are now ready to develop a number of other products that will enable Fluenta to accurately sense, measure and monitor any liquid or gas, both under pressure and in the atmosphere.

With this change, we need to recruit lots of amazing new people, particularly on the engineering front.  The move to offices in Cambridge significantly enhances our ability to recruit the best people.  Geographically Cambridge is also well suited to our global business.  Moving forward Cambridge will be our new home.

Obviously this does not preclude recruiting the very best people from across the globe.  Indeed our established relationship with Stanford University in California as well as with Darmstadt Technical University also gives us access to some of the most powerful minds in the world.

We are on the cusp of a new and extremely exciting era for Fluenta.  We look forward to telling you more about the journey on the way.

March 31, 2016 | News

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