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Fluenta's UFM Manager is a user-friendly software solution to make the day-to-day setup and on-site management of your flare gas meter simpler than ever. With an easy to use and intuitive graphical interface, learning the system is quick and easy. 

UFM Manager works with the Fluenta FGM 160 flare meter and can be run from any laptop, tablet or PC running Microsoft Windows 10.

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Advanced features

UFM Manager includes on-site functionality to assist with the measurement of flare gas, as well as additional features to help with advanced troubleshooting.

Features include system configuration, data logging, graphs and live data, and bespoke alarms.


Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry is under more scrutiny today than ever before. No longer is it acceptable to simply have your safety critical equipment serviced according to schedule, many regulators require you to prove that the service engineer you employ is appropriately trained and certified by the manufacturer.

With UFM Manager, all service engineers must undertake training with Fluenta before they obtain the software, and remote licensing means that their software will expire alongside their training certificate.

Fluenta will monitor your licence status and send you reminders to renew, ensuring that you are never without this vital software.

Try UFM Manager with basic level access now with the download form below.
Access levels

Fluenta's new UFM Manager software has two access levels, with the higher level allowing access to an increased number of features.

The access levels available to end users are:

  • Basic access
  • Operator access

Obtaining Operator access will unlock several features above the Basic level.

Unlock the full capabilities of UFM Manager

Contact your local Fluenta sales team to gain full insight and control, customised signal graphs, and a host of advanced features with operator access.

Graphical data

UFM Manager allows you to create and download graphs of the chirp and CW ultrasonic signals, as well as the correlation transform.

Customised signal graphs are available direct to the end user with operator level access. This data enables the user to visualise the chirp and CW signal. This type of information is used to quickly assess meter functionality without leaving the control room.

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